Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pay attention to the things that bring you SUCCESS!

I am a firm believer in the idea that your attention is shaped by your reality. Years ago, I decided to buy a yellow sports lancer and, surprisingly, that’s the car I would spot on a daily basis on the roads. As much as I thought they had suddenly appeared on the streets, you will agree that they were always there; I just didn’t notice them.

Since I turned my attention to it, I began to acknowledge the presence of the car in my reality. Reality, like possibilities, is extensive. Reality and possibilities are best created by virtue of your attention. Whatever you desire is already there in reality — you only have to make it a part of your reality.

I believe that energy flows where your attention goes. When you receive a call from a friend in the middle of your meeting, even though you don’t answer it, you have turned your attention to the call. Why did he call? Maybe it’s about the movie? Maybe it’s about the money? And that takes your attention away from the meeting, and may cause you to neglect some important things.

Success comes to those who pay attention to that which creates success. Simply paying attention is not the answer. Paying attention to the right things that bring you closer to success, personally and professionally, is important. And if that is the key, here are some tips to achieve it. 

Focus on the results you want to create

My sales executive would often complain, “The clients are not responding. What do you expect me to do?” So he would turn his attention to calling clients that were not responding, and then tell me that they don’t respond. If he turned his attention to creating a new and responsive client list, the results might be different.

Focus on goodness

Believe me, there always is. There are no absolutes to good or evil. Even that colleague, who you think has no good in him, actually does. It may be his taste in music, his love for dogs, or even his passion for gadgets. But there is something in everyone that you can appreciate. If you turn your attention to that, you might discover there are more things to like about the person.

Focus on creating solutions

Sometimes people get stuck at work, or get overwhelmed with the amount they have to do. Either way, they get so fixated on the problem and make it so big in their heads, that it cannot be solved. Harping on the problem and trying to fix blame is never the solution. If you want someone’s support, offer solutions. After all, solutions gather support.

Focus on possibilities

Sometimes the day does not go as planned, and sometimes events beyond our control disappoint us. Sometimes we superimpose the disappointment of the day into the days that follow. Sometimes we carry our grudges and regrets into the next day as well. Keep your attention on the new beginning and new energy the new day will bring. It’s like a lottery; you stand to win only if you buy a ticket.

You don’t really have to make yourself ‘believe’ that there is a bright side to life, because there is. You just have to turn your attention to it and make it real for yourself.

(The author is corporate trainer & best-selling author of ‘I Am Another You’)


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