Monday, May 10, 2010


*When my children were young I used to read to them every evening before bed. One of their favorite stories was called,
"Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch." Mr. Hatch was a lonely man living a lonely life. He never smiled. He walked alone to work everyday and ate his lunch alone in a corner. He never talked to anyone on his way home either. In the evening he would buy a newspaper, read it after supper, and go to bed early.

His life changed, however, on his 25th Birthday when he got a heart shaped box in the mail full of candy and a note that said, "Somebody loves you." At first he couldn't believe it but as he let the message sink in he began to laugh and dance around. That single message had opened his heart to the power of love. Soon he found himself sharing his smile and laughter with others. He became a joy at work and began to help out people in the neighborhood. As the days and weeks
went by his laughter, smiles, kindness, caring, happiness and love touched the hearts of everyone in his community.

Later Mr. Hatch found out that the candy heart had been delivered to him by mistake. He felt crushed and began again to withdraw from the world. When his neighbors found out, however, they were determined not to lose the light he shared. They surprised him with a party and a huge banner that read: "Everybody Loves Mr. Hatch." Mr. Hatch cried when he realized that somebody loved him after all. Then he laughed, smiled, and rejoined his friends.

I think that we all have a tiny bit of Mr. Hatch in us. At times we all feel unloved and unlovable. Somebody does love us, though. God loves us. He loves us with a powerful, unconditional, and life-changing love and He wants us to love each other as well. It is what we are here for. It is what we were meant for. May the pages of your life story be full of LOVE then.*

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