Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drive Safely - Mobile Phone Hazards


If you are trying to text, or attempting to dial, or even checking who is ringing you on the cell phone, then you are not concentrating on your driving.

The same applies if you are in conversation on your cell phone, you are not concentrating on the matter in hand, namely driving your vehicle in a safe manner because your concentration is not 100% on the road, this can put the lives of other road users or even pedestrians at risk.

Safety is a top priority at all times when driving your motor vehicle and it is for this fact that many people have tried to stop the using of cell phones whilst driving, and anybody that is found to misuse this law should be faced with a tougher sentence.

Can you use a cell phone in a motor vehicle and still be safe?

You could always pull over to the side of the road when your cell phone rings, before you attempt to answer it.

If you have a passenger in the car with you, why not let them take your call and pass the message to you.

There are many hands free kits that you can purchase to allow you to still use your cell phone and drive.

Remember though that even a hands free kit can still affect your concentration levels when driving. You must still be able to concentrate fully on your ability to drive. If you must answer an important call then it is always safer to pull over to the side of the road and stop your vehicle.

 Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.  ~Author Unknown

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